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Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD)

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Computer Science & Computer Engineering


Jia Di

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Alan Mantooth

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Scott Smith

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James Parkerson


Applied sciences, Adaptive asynchronous architecture, Asynchronous, Digital, Energy efficiency, Ncl


Power has become a critical design parameter for digital CMOS integrated circuits. With performance still garnering much concern, a central idea has emerged: minimizing power consumption while maintaining performance. The use of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) with parallelism has shown to be an effective way of saving power while maintaining performance. However, the potency of DVS and parallelism in traditional, clocked synchronous systems is limited because of the strict timing requirements such systems must comply with. Delay-insensitive (DI) asynchronous systems have the potential to benefit more from these techniques due to their flexible timing requirements and high modularity. This dissertation presents the design and analysis of a real-time adaptive DVS architecture for paralleled Multi-Threshold NULL Convention Logic (MTNCL) systems. Results show that energy-efficient systems with low area overhead can be created using this approach.