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Master of Science in Food Science (MS)

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Food Science


Ya Jane Wang

Committee Member

Casey M. Owens

Second Committee Member

Jean-Francois Meullenet


Biological sciences, Bake-only chicken nuggets, Enzyme modification, Oil delivery, Starches


The food industry has become increasingly focused on healthier items. Fried foods especially are actively pursuing non-fried alternatives to attract health conscience consumers. This study investigated the bake-only chicken nugget formulation in attempts to provide characteristics of fried items. Starch was hydrolyzed by amyloglucosidase to create a porous structure that had the ability to absorb oil. Oil was plated into the enzyme-treated starch and blended into nugget formulation, and the coated nuggets were steam-baked until fully cooked. The enzyme-treated starches showed a decrease in gelatinization range and pasting viscosities for all starch types. The addition of oil-plated enzyme modified starch improved crispness and mouth-coating characteristics and was perceived as comparable to industry prepared partially fried nuggets. Oxidized starches were also prepared from various starches in batter and breading formulations to increase the adhesion and crispness of steam-baked chicken nuggets. Differences were noted in peak force measured by a texture analyzer, acoustic reading, and hardness and crispiness by a trained panel. However, the oxidized starch prepared from various sources did not added desirable characteristics over the control evaluated by the sensory panel. Overall the addition of oil-plated enzyme modified starch into a bake-only nugget formulation aided in a positive impact on texture and mouthcoat.