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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Food Science


Seo, Han-Seok

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Gauch, Susan

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Jervis, Suzanne


The demand for gluten-free products has increased over the past few decades as more people have been diagnosed with gluten-related dietary restrictions. Although there has been much research into certain gluten-free food products, there remains a gap in understanding the sensory attribute differences between traditional and gluten-free cookies. The aim of this study was to determine differences in sensory attributes and consumer acceptance of gluten-free versus gluten-containing chocolate chip cookies. Twelve chocolate chips across 11 brands were used in this study with 7 being gluten-free and 5 containing gluten. Eighty-nine participants were involved in the two-day study, with six cookies being evaluated each day. Participants used a 9-point hedonic scale to rate sensory acceptance (appearance, texture, flavor, and overall liking) and a 5-point just-about-right scale (JAR) to rate the level of JAR for specific attribute intensities (chocolate flavor, sweetness, chewiness, and hardness). The circumplex-inspired emotion questionnaire (CEQ) was used to assess emotional responses as well as a 9-point scale used to assess purchase intent. The result of this study found that there were significant differences in attribute liking, purchase intent, JAR attributes, as well as evoked emotions between gluten-containing and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. In conclusion, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies were found to be less liked in terms of texture and flavor compared to gluten-containing chocolate chip cookies. Our findings offer product developers and sensory professionals enhanced insights into consumer perceptions and acceptance of gluten-free cookies and provide guidance on how to improve the sensory qualities of gluten-free cookie products currently available in the market.


Gluten-free, cookies, sensory science