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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Food Science


Threlfall, Renee

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Clark, John

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Worthington, Margaret

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Howard, Luke


Blackberries are grown worldwide for commercial fresh markets, but there is limited information on consumer perceptions of this fruit. In this study, physiochemical and consumer sensory attributes of three Arkansas-grown fresh-market blackberry genotypes were evaluated and consumer perceptions of fresh-market blackberries were also investigated though an online survey. Two cultivars (Natchez and Ouachita) and one advanced selection (A-2418) were evaluated for compositional and nutraceutical analysis and consumer sensory analysis. Natchez had the highest berry weight, length, drupelets and pyrenes/berry, and pyrene weight/berry. Ouachita had the highest soluble solids content (11.9%), pH (3.18) and soluble solids/titratable acidity ratio (10.92). There were no significant differences between genotypes for titratable acidity, organic acids, sugars, and most of the nutraceuticals. In a sensory panel (n = 80) of these genotypes, consumers rated Natchez highest in overall impression, overall flavor, and sweetness, and Natchez was ranked as the most liked blackberry more often than Ouachita or A-2418 on a 9-point verbal hedonic liking scale and 5-point Just About Right scale. An online consumer survey (n = 879) was done to gain information on consumers’ opinions and habits relating to fresh-market blackberries. Results indicated the most important factors to influence blackberry purchases are the freshness of the berries, the type and size of package, the uniformity of berry color, and the price. Results also suggested consumers prefer larger sized blackberries and blackberries with an oblong shape. Identifying marketability attributes of fresh-market blackberries helps provide information to advance breeding efforts for fruit with commercial potential.


Rubus, Marketability, Blackberry, Physiochemical, Nutraceutical, Sensory