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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Food Science


Howard, Luke

Committee Member/Reader

Baum, Jamie

Committee Member/Second Reader

Seo, Han-Seok


This study evaluated the stability of anthocyanins in six blueberry products (gummy, graham bar, oatmeal bar, rice krispy bar, ice pop and juice) prepared with freeze-dried wild blueberry powder during processing and over eight weeks storage. Total anthocyanins were determined by HPLC before processing and at day 0 and 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of storage. Thermal processing of gummy and graham bar products resulted in significant losses of anthocyanins (50% and 31%, respectively). An eight-week storage time also resulted in a significant decrease in anthocyanins (7% to 51%) in products stored at ambient temperature. The ice pop, which was stored at -20oC, was the best product for shelf-stability as it experienced no significant decline in total anthocyanins during processing or over the entire shelf-life study. Future research should be conducted to determine the differences in total anthocyanins in the products over time when they are stored under refrigeration. Additionally, polymeric color should be analyzed as this indicator has the potential to further explain the nature of the decreases in anthocyanins observed during storage.


anthocyanins, HPLC, blueberry, storage, thermal processing