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Rennie, Craig


In the growing battle between the retail giants, Walmart, and Amazon, it has become clear that Walmart must take steps to secure their place in a market where a pandemic-driven technology enabled e-commerce industry is expected to grow leaps and bounds over the next several years. In order to compete with Amazon, who dominates the majority of e-commerce in the US, Walmart must identify core competencies that drive revenue and customer loyalty and adapt them to a new age of retail. By taking advantage of physical locations and access to customer data, Walmart may be able to continue to offer the lowest prices on the market. On the other hand, by diversifying what they offer to customers, Walmart may seek to create a complete ecosystem where Walmart stores are a “one stop shop” for consumers. All these must be done by Walmart to compete, while ensuring risks associated with such a large scope are addressed to remain loyal to their customer’s needs.


Sustained competitive advantage, customer loyalty, Walmart, Amazon, e-commerce, one-stop-shop, customers, employee buy-in