The Work of Marlon Blackwell Architects


CHROMA, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Executive Producer

Alison Turner, Teaching Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of Community Education


All Ages, 9th-12th grades

Streaming Media

Document Type

Virtual Tour

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Architecture, Design, Designer, Architect, Interiors, Landscape, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, Community Design, Fayetteville, Marlon Blackwell, AIA Gold Medal, awards, design process, barns, Gentry Library, Thaden School, Harvey Pediatric Clinic, St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church, Arkansas architecture


We will learn about the practice of Marlon Blackwell, a Fayetteville based architect and professor at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design and 2020 AIA Gold Medalist. We will learn about his design process, how he works with clients and visit a few of his projects including the Gentry Library, St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church, Harvey Pediatric Clinic and the Thaden School campus.

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