Responsive and Resilient Design


StudioChunky, Rogers, Arkansas

Executive Producer

Alison Turner, Teaching Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of Community Education


Advanced, 9th-12th grades

Streaming Media

Document Type

Educational Workshop

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Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Design, Designer, Architect, Interiors, Landscape, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, Community Design, Fayetteville, Community, sketching, drawing, public design, public forum, active design, community activism, responsive, responsive design, resiliency, resilient design


Given the uncertainty of the world we live in (and the COVID-19 as an example), students will be asked to think about how design can be used as a response to current conditions, disaster relief and as a response to changing climate conditions. Examples of responsive projects will be shown and discussed as well as the idea of responsive design. Students will be asked to think of a responsive design problem (or given one that is relevant to what is happening globally) and then given a chance to design a solution.

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