Home Part 1 - Neighborhood


StudioChunky, Rogers, Arkansas

Executive Producer

Alison Turner, Teaching Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of Community Education


All Ages, 9th-12th grades

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Document Type

Educational Workshop

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Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Design, Making, Designing, Designer, Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design, Neighborhood, Mapping, Mental Map, Mental Mapping, Circulation, Programmatic, Natural, Architectural, Systems, Overlay, Layering, Observation, Sketching, Drawing, Fay Jones, University of Arkansas campus


In this workshop, the first of four focusing on our home environments, we will ask students to think about their neighborhood. What does your street look like? Are there multiple houses or apartments? Can you walk or bike to nearby places? Is there a park or greenspace nearby? How is your neighborhood connected to the rest of your town? Students will study their neighborhood and answer these questions by making a series of “mental maps”.

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