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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Smith, Kathleen Rose.

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Robertson, Lona J.

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Watkins, Patsy


Magazine images are more technologically enhanced and fashion magazine advertisements are influencing young female students by giving the impression of a “picture perfect” body. Therefore, their perception of beauty tends to be skewed based upon the public’s view of social acceptance. The goal of this study was to examine how fashion magazine advertisements effect female college students’ perception of self-image. More specifically, do they have high or low self-image perception based upon the fashion magazine’s model images? Although not statistically significant, results of the study revealed female college students’ had positive perceptions of confidence with their physical body and body image. Participants liked their own body and would not change their body before viewing the magazine advertising. The percentage of participants who would change their body increased slightly after viewing the magazine advertising, indicating that there was enough impact of the models on the participant that more would consider changing. In addition, participants felt they would attract more people if they were more like the models. More than half of the participants felt they would do better in society. Fashion magazine advertising does appear to have an impact on female college students. Further research should include teenagers in secondary schools to find any differences that may exist between the two groups. The study could also be expanded to include other females from other universities as well as including males to determine if the same body image issues relate to advertisements in fashion related magazines.


Mass communication, Psychology