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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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General Human Environmental Sciences


Smith, Kathleen Rose

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Rom, C. R. (Curt R.)

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Mobley, Claudia B

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Southward, Cheryl L


This multifaceted model for a business-academia partnership is being executed as an independent honors capstone project. The project seeks to develop a campus store model for a business-academia partnership for a niche market. The niche market this model focuses on is in fiber optics. The partnership model for the campus stores includes four main sectors: product development, merchandising operations, promotion and marketing, and philanthropic goals. The four sectors will demonstrate successful ways to unite students with business-academia partnerships through various positions that support the partnership. This model will be introduced into university curriculum through merchandising and design classes. Individual business plans for various campus store locations can be developed by capstone merchandising classes at universities where the models will be implemented. Products can be developed within design programs at these universities and implemented into the overall model. The model also seeks to integrate smart textile design into a university curriculum. The information contained within this project provides a helpful structure to academic institutions and businesses looking to begin a business-academia partnership. It discusses advantages and benefits of collaboration between academic institutions and businesses and the benefits of campus stores whether in a brick-and-mortar, kiosk, or ecommerce format.


Textile research, Marketing, Business