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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Human Development, Family Sciences and Rural Sociology


Mosely, Jacquelyn

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Timby, Donia

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McNally, Shelley


The purpose of this project was to help children develop more proper developmental goals and make outdoor play at the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center more inclusive for all children. Children gain many developmental goals from playing outside and being exposed to other environments as compared to just being inside the classroom. Outdoor play should be as inclusive as indoor play and offer many different activities and outlets, just as the indoor classroom does. The implementation of this service-learning creative project is to add more versatility to the outdoor area at the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center and to provide young children with more experiences outside the classroom in an outdoor space. The two outdoor stations that were developed focused on art and a music area under the covering outside by the playground. These stations allow children other places to seek out when they do not want to or physically cannot run around on the other structures or are wanting a more one-on-one social connection during outdoor playtime with teachers or peers.


Inclusion, Toddlers, Child Development, Outdoor Play