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Bachelor of Science Education

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Oliver, Gretchen D

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Fort, Inza Lee

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Gray, Michelle


The purpose of this study was to examine the kinematic, kinetics, and timing of muscle activation of the hamstring and gluteal muscle groups during drop jump landings after five minutes of visual and verbal landing strategy intervention. Thirty-six university students (23.47+/- 2.77 years; 171.99 =?- 8.01 cm; 71.72 =/- 13.56 kg) volunteered to participate. A 5-minute verbal and visual feedback intervention was implemented after participants performed five drop jumps. After the 5-minute intervention, five more drop jumps were performed. The results revealed significant differences in hip and knee flexion, knee valgus, and ground reaction forces pre and post intervention [p<0.05]. In addition, muscle-firing patterns revealed the hamstrings and gluteal muscle groups achieving 20% MVIC prior to the quadriceps muscle group post intervention. The current findings revealed that a 5-minute verbal and visual intervention can elicit greater hip and knee flexion, decrease ground reaction force, and increase the activation of the hamstrings while decreasing the activation of the quadriceps, thereby lessening the likelihood of an ACL injury.