Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science Education


Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Oliver, Gretchen D

Committee Member/Reader

DiBrezzo, Ro

Committee Member/Second Reader

Fort, Inza Lee


This study examined the relationship between hip abduction strength, segmental sequentiality of the upper extremity and ball velocity of throwing in softball positional players. Hip abduction strength, ball velocity, and related kinematics were collected on sixteen (167.7 + 6.7 cm; 68.9 + 10.4 kg; 19.2 + 1.1 yrs) National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I softball players. The participant had to catch a simulated hit ball and perform her positional throw. A position player was on second base and only those throws that she was able to catch without stepping off the base were recorded. There was no significance in the relationship between hip, trunk, upper arm, or lower arm speed with hip strength or ball velocity though segmental sequentiality was exhibited for each participant.