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Bachelor of Science Education

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Oliver, Gretchen D

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Ganio, Matthew S.

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Atkinson, Jason


The purpose of this study was to determine if a six-week lumbopelvic-hip complex [LPHC] intervention program would affect the landing mechanics of active ARMY ROTC cadets. Ten male Army ROTC cadets [182.3 + 4.5 cm; 86.7 + 9.2 kg; 19.5 + 0.8 yrs] were recruited for this study. Participants performed a drop landing protocol pre and post LPHC intervention program. The LPHC intervention program consisted of six minutes of five body weight exercises prior to every organized ROTC conditioning that occurred three days a week for six weeks; consisting of 10 total exercises that were randomly alternated throughout the treatment days so that five exercises would be performed every day of the intervention. Results revealed significant differences in pretest knee valgus and hip flexion scores (p<0.05). The ROTC cadets were able to improve their drop jump landing scores; with significant improvements statistically and/or clinically in all variables analyzed.