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Bachelor of Science

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Washington, Tyrone

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Greene, Nicholas

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Fort, Inza


This study aims to illuminate interaction between leucine supplementation and mitochondrial proteins concerned with synthesis and biogenesis. We hypothesized that supplementation with leucine will attenuate the weight gain of the high fat diet in comparison with the normal chow group, by enhancing mitochondrial biogenesis and content. We conducted a laboratory experiment using Western Blotting techniques to determine protein expression. Proteins of interest in this study include PGC-1α, COX-IV, TUFM, TFAM, and mtIF2. The findings from the research show a main effect of an increase in the expression of PGC-1 α in high fat diets. There was no difference in the expression of COX-IV with regard to either leucine supplementation or diet. There was a main effect of an increase in the expression of TUFM in high fat diets. A main effect of an increase in mtIF2 was seen in NC groups when compared with HF diet groups. The findings of this study support the current model that high fat diets cause dysregulation of mitochondria in that PGC-1 α protein content was upregulated and yet COX-IV protein content was unchanged.

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Cell Biology Commons