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Bachelor of Science

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


Stokowski, Sarah

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Lens, Josh

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Edmonston, Craig


This thesis is guided by the theory of marketing myopia, the idea that an organizations should focus on single aspects like consumer needs and experiences in order to be successful. The sale of alcohol is becoming more and more common throughout collegiate athletics yet many schools are still missing out on the benefits that can come from embracing the tailgating culture of sports. This will examine the current literature surrounding the sale of alcohol at collegiate events, tailgating culture and what this all looks like in the real world. By examining schools and programs who currently offer the sale of alcohol, this will show how the sale of alcohol can have a direct benefit to the athletic departments, fans, schools, and student. These benefits are shown through revenue generation, fan experience, as well as the potential of social responsibility programs. By examining the NCAA and professional sponsorship methods and contracts, this will also show the potential lucrative financial benefits alcohol sponsorship can provide to schools.


College Athletics, Alcohol, Alcohol sales