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Bachelor of Science

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Health, Human Performance and Recreation


McDermott, Brendon

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Washington, Tyrone


Purpose: To determine the effects of waters with anti-inflammatory capabilities (WAC) influence circulating inflammatory biomarkers at rest and following resistance exercise. Methods: Participants completed a heavy lifting protocol and drank water with anti-inflammatory capabilities for a total of six weeks. Blood samples were taken at different at 9 different time intervals to assess concentrations of anti-inflammatory markers and to quantify inflammatory biomarkers. Those time intervals included pre-AHREP 1 and post-AHREP 1, 24-hr post-AHREP 1, 48-hr post-AHREP 1, 3-week check-up, pre-AHREP 2, post-AHREP 2, 24-hr post-AHREP 2, and 48-hr post-AHREP 2. Background: The biomarkers that were focused on were: IL-6 and TNF-α. Inflammation aims to eradicate the irritating agent and accelerate the regeneration of tissue, but it needs to be limited and/or regulated. There is the potential for water infused with natural bioactive berry volatile compounds to demonstrate preventive physiological benefits concerning systemic inflammation. The highest volatile concentration beverage will most likely demonstrate the most anti-inflammatory effect. Specific berries that contain anti-inflammatory properties may ease systemic and chronic inflammation that may prevent or reduce local inflammation. There are commercial berry-flavored beverages but not with specific quantities of potentially protective ingredients like the potential berry-flavored with anti-inflammatory capabilities (WAC). Results: Post-supplementation, immediately post-resistance exercise 2’s IL-6 concentration was significantly greater than 48-hr post-resistance exercise 1 (P=0.013). No other significant time point differences were present (P> 0.125). There was no time point differences in TNF- α during our study (P> 0.097). Conclusion: From this study, we can validate that the water infused with anti-inflammatory capabilities did work to improve the anti-inflammatory response.


Inflammation, Water with anti-inflammatory capabilities, IL-6, TNF-α, fruit essence, DOMS