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UAF Access Only - Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation


Buckley, Nancy

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Timby, Donia

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Bayyari, Lobat

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Becnel, Jennifer


Food bank users are lacking the tools to create diversity and meet nutritional guidelines in their staple foods. Each patron has a varying level of education regarding food prep, cooking and nutritional value. This project works to provide educational materials on food preparation from food bank staples, and nutrition education to the food bank users based on research that patrons would benefit from this knowledge.

To study the food consumption from food banks, a connection with a local food bank helped to make this project relevant and useful to the patrons. This project will meet the education levels of all patrons and provide relevant information on the food they receive through pamphlets and recipe books. The results include food education, meal diversity and nutrition literacy.

Research suggests that gender, education level and BMI have no impact on food bank usage. This indicates that each demographic is represented in patronage. The patrons deserve to learn how to make their food diverse and provide necessary nutrients to support a healthy body. Based on the research, patrons are not provided with information to support diverse cooking and healthy choices which puts them at an unfair disadvantage in relation to the public.


nutrition, food banks, food bank patrons, food diversity, Northwest Arkansas, service learning