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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation


Hamm, Dede

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Johnston, Nicholas

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Edwards, Robby


The mission behind creating the College Girl’s Guide to Fayetteville, AR was to ease the adjustment from high school to college for females attending the University of Arkansas. This is one of life’s most monumental transitions, often resulting in anxiety, depression, and loneliness, specifically among the female demographic. With that in mind, the intent of the guidebook was to develop culture, confidence, and community on campus. In the aftermath of Covid-19, loneliness on college campuses has become an epidemic in need of a university-wide solution to increase student satisfaction and retention. A research aspect that heavily impacted the project was the adverse mental affects derived from technology dependence. This issue is rampant amidst college students which furthers loneliness and isolation. In contrast, print content such as guidebooks, novels, and magazines create a peaceful browsing experience, which demonstrates the purpose behind the College Girl’s Guide to Fayetteville, AR being tangible as opposed to a website. Using this print guidebook as a resource to build community and explore the city, females will not only be exposed to the opportunities in Fayetteville, but also advice on how to immerse themselves into a new environment.


travel, travel guide, tourism, Fayetteville, freshmen