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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation


Way, Kelly A.


The goal of this creative project is to conduct research on career fairs and hospitality events to successfully host the first ever Hospitality Career Fair at the University of Arkansas. The lack of career advancement opportunities on the campus for hospitality management students continued to increase despite the rapidly growing industry across the community, so the creation of the career fair would allow improvement for the students and the companies. With a creative project, it allows more creativity and research to develop the overall plan for the event.

The project studies hospitality career events hosted at other universities to gain specific knowledge on what aspects were vital to the execution of the event and how it impacts the students, university, and community. The research showed major positive points to implementing a hospitality specific career fair on a campus, and proved that creating this event would be an accomplishment for the University of Arkansas.

In addition, the execution of the career fair can produce more research on what specifically works for that community and campus and can be used for the future of the Hospitality Career Fair.


hospitality, career fair, University of Arkansas