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Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences

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Human Nutrition and Hospitality Innovation


Way, Kelly

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Bayyari, Lobat

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Buckley, Nancy


Food allergies affect many people in our society today, and the food service industry must keep up with the demand for allergen-free food from their customers. The objective of this research is to gain insight from the employee’s perspective of the importance of food allergies and what training method would help them learn best. Through this research we intend to learn how we can engage employees during training, increase training retention, and stress the importance to change their behaviors and utilize safe practices in regards to allergens. We compared both quick and full-service restaurants’ food-allergy training methods in this study in an attempt to better grasp what it is that helps employees learn. The study revealed that full-service respondents were more likely to identify a food as an allergen, or a reaction as a symptom of an allergy, than the QSR respondents.


Food allergies, training, fast food, full-service restaurant, service learning