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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Rossetti, Manuel D.

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Pohl, Edward A.


Within the realm of today’s business world, cutting costs is extremely important. One of the largest contributors to the total cost of a business is related to inventory. Even though it is known by business persons that inventory is a major component to cost, not every company realizes how well they are managing their inventory. While inventory management is a valued part of any business, it is not always evident how well an organization is performing in this area. This research has resulted in the development of an Inventory Management Readiness Assessment Tool for use by supply chain professionals. The tool consists of a series of questions related to well-established inventory management best practices, asking the user to give feedback as to their perception of the practices within their organization. With this tool, supply chain professionals across various industries are able to assess how well their organization is implementing inventory management best practices.