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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Rossetti, Manuel D

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Ham, Richard


This study consists of discrete event simulation analysis of two alternative solutions designed to mitigate the congestion of passengers in the exit roller area of the security checkpoints. We study the particular case of Orlando International Airport, where this problem is prominent due to the high proportion of passengers who travel for leisure purposes. We developed three simulation models to represent the current configuration and the two alternative solutions. We compare the solutions to the current configuration by observing the response of the passenger throughput and passenger system time when performing a sensitivity on the percentage of passengers throughput. We evaluate the possibility of increasing the throughput of passengers while complying with the TSA system time standard limits, by performing a factorial design with the three simulation models. We recommend studying further the possibility of implementing the second alternative solution, which improves the experience of both passengers who travel for leisure, and passengers who travel for business, and increases the passenger throughput overall.