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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Nachtmann, Heather L


The maritime transportation system is an important component of the United States’ (U.S.) economy, from commerce activities to freight movement to disaster’ relief. The annual impact of the maritime transportation system on the U.S. national economy is reported as approximately $649 billion of the total U.S. gross domestic product (U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration, n.d.). This impact is attributed to activities related to the movement of goods and people. Indeed, the maritime transportation system plays an important role in international trade by transporting goods such as coal and farm products, which are common commodities for foreign and domestic commerce (Institute for Water Resources, 2012). The maritime transportation system is governed by multiple agencies including the Maritime Administration (MARAD), U.S. Army of Engineers (USACE), and U.S. Coast Guard. Because of the many stakeholders, there are many disjoint sources of data related to maritime transportation. In order to support efficient information gathering about the maritime transportation system, we have developed the Maritime Transportation Resource Bank, a reliable and condensed resource bank that identifies information and data sources related to maritime transportation, as a means to facilitate resource identification and advance knowledge about the system.