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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Pohl, Edward A.

Committee Member/Reader

Rainwater, Chase E.


The goal of this project is develop a decision support tool that will assist the Operations Management Department at the University of Arkansas with scheduling courses and instructors for the upcoming academic year. The staff of the department dreads this time each year because it takes countless hours to complete the daunting task. Creating an abstract mathematical model will assist the department in scheduling the courses. The model will have the ability to optimize the schedule of the courses and instructors from a large number of variables and constraints that the department requires. An optimization software package can solve the problem based on the data for the upcoming year. The staff will be able to use a decision support tool to input the relevant data with ease, and run the optimization software package with little knowledge of how mathematical models work. The focus of this project will be creating an abstract class-scheduling mathematical model that will be easily solved through the creation of a decision support tool. The tool will optimize the schedule, and save the staff precious time that could be spent elsewhere.