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Industrial Engineering


Parnell, Greg

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Pohl, Ed


The DoD needs their systems to be resilient in the face of an ever changing world. To increase resilience in future systems the DoD has created a program called Engineered Resilient Systems. Resilience can be broken down into two parts, mission and platform resilience. Mission resilience is the ability of a system to repel, resist, absorb, and recover from environments and threats that occur on planned missions. Platform resilience is the ability of a system platform to adapt to new missions and new threats.

The University of Arkansas department of Industrial Engineering is working for the ERS program researching resilience. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the DoD decided their acquisition decisions need to focus on capability based planning instead of threat based planning. A value-focused thinking multiple objective decision analysis model has been a useful tool for capabilities based assessments. If all performance objectives can be categorized as mission or platform resilience, this extra value above the threshold of the minimum performance can provide mission and platform resilience. This information can be displayed in a value component chart, a floating value component chart, and as a reliance value and opportunity chart. These graphs allow decision makers to consider resilience in the acquisition decision making process.