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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Rossetti, Manuel

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Nurre, Sarah


Many supply chains have grown increasingly complex, which has led to the development of different facility types. One such facility is known as a post-distribution cross docking system (Post-C). In these facilities, bulk sorted product is received from various suppliers. Each product has its own destination, so the bulk package is broken, sorted by destination, and staged by destination. Typical processing includes: sort received goods by product type; break bulk and sort out goods by destination; move palletized goods to the staging areas of their respective destinations. This paper compares a global staffing policy (in which all workers may perform any task) to a dedicated staffing policy (in which groups of workers are assigned specific tasks). Through comparisons of the two models, it was found the dedicated worker model’s benefits from reduced change-over outweigh the lower worker utilization it experiences.