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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Sullivan, Kelly

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Rainwater, Chase


The highway and bridge network is a critical infrastructure that allows for the free transportation of citizens and enables truck-borne freight transportation. Disruption of this system could be caused by a terrorist attack, natural disaster, growth of population, required repairs and upgrades, or collapse caused by old age or malfunction. In the event of a disruption cities and regions can experience increased traffic and supply chain shortages, thus causing cascading effects throughout surrounding areas. With this motivation, we develop a network interdiction optimization model to identify a limited subset of roads that, if disrupted, causes the greatest increase in the weighted sum of shortest path distances associated with a collection of origin-destination pairs. We apply the model to perform a vulnerability analysis on the network consisting of interstate highways, U.S. highways, and state highways in Northwest Arkansas.


Northwest Arkansas, highway, bridges, critical infrastructure, vulnerability analysis