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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Cassady, C. Richard

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Rainwater, Chase


Every year, sports teams and athletes get cut from championship opportunities because of their rank. While this reality is easier to swallow if a team or athlete is distant from the cut, it is much harder when they are right on the edge. Many times, it leaves fans and athletes wondering, “Why wasn’t I ranked higher? What factors when into the ranking? Are the rankings based on opinion alone?” These are fair questions that deserve an answer. Many times, sports rankings are derived from opinion polls. Other times, they are derived from a combination of opinion polls and measured performance. This leads to the unfortunate reality that, many times, athletes and the public don’t truly know what goes into the rankings behind the scenes. A sports ranking system that quantifies human bias and reveals it in the process of ranking sports teams is a solution to this problem. Allowing athletes and the public to see exactly how much weight is given to every aspect of their performance creates a system that alleviates the hiddenness and secretive nature of many ranking systems. The CMS+ algorithm is a college football ranking approach that allows users to specify the importance of certain factors and generate rankings based on those factors. This research aims to develop a Java implementation of the already defined CMS+ algorithm and redefine the approach for Mixed Martial Arts.


Heuristic, Quadratic Assignment Problem, algorithm