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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Rossetti, Manuel D.

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Sullivan, Kelly M.


The successful execution of emergency evacuations is very important for the protection of the public. Some emergency events, such as fires, can occur with very little warning and turn into a dangerous situation in less than a minute. With high population densities, universities have increased risk involved with evacuations. One specific area that presents high risk is auditorium spaces such as lecture halls with high densities combined with added barriers such as tables and chairs. The ability to assess a building’s emergency preparedness is necessary for keeping the public safe. Simulation is a way to conduct a theoretical event and gain insight into the effects of the event in a safe, no-impact environment. This research seeks to use simulation modeling to assess the rate at which individuals travel through an evacuation process in an auditorium space and the impact capacity has on evacuation time.


Simulation, Evacuation, Auditorium Spaces