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UAF Access Only - Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineering


Specking, Eric

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Pohl, Ed

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Parnell, Gregory


Communication complexity arises when managing large-scale Internet of Things projects that demand significant adaptation and change throughout the project lifecycle. Given limited and evolving stakeholder requirements, collaboration with three other organizations, and undetermined methods, this project adopts agile project management and development practices to create smart base systems for an U.S. Army installation. Applying agile methodologies to develop complex systems of systems with multiple stakeholders poses unique challenges. As agile management is a goal rather than a predefined process, developers must devise strategies to maintain the effectiveness of iterative development. To address these challenges, this study employs decision analysis and systems engineering principles, such as decision hierarchy, IDEF0, and swim lane diagram, to an agile project management framework. This study also documents and discusses how these artifacts change throughout a project lifecycle, and the benefits of maintaining them. We found that these methods facilitate the documentation of requirements, processes, ownership, and progress, enabling multiple groups to have a shared understanding and more effective progress reporting.


Systems engineering, agile project managment, systems of systems, systems engineering principles