The Journal of Food Law & Policy has long been recognized as a leader in publishing articles and essays on food law and its impact on society. When the Journal’s inaugural issue was published in 2005, no other student-edited Journal was devoted to this important topic and few law schools recognized the emerging discipline of food law & policy. Since that time, the Journal has led the nation in recognizing the significance of studying the legal framework of our food system. Food law & policy as a discipline has emerged as an accepted field of study and a popular part of law school curriculums across the world.

Today, the Journal continues its efforts to publish and promote the very best legal scholarship in food law and policy. Article topics include food labeling, food safety, consumer interest in food policy, the environmental effects of food production, agricultural law and its impact on our food system, global food security, food assistance, nutrition policy, farmed animal welfare, international food law and regulation, the regulation of biotechnology and other new food technologies, and a wide variety of other dynamic issues affecting food law and policy.

The Journal is published twice a year and is edited by dedicated law students at the University of Arkansas School of Law. The School of Law is noted for its work in the law of food and agriculture, with a variety of food law courses offered, a specialized LL.M. Program in Agricultural and Food Law, the Indigenous Food & Agriculture Initiative, and the Food Recovery Project.

Current Issue: Volume 19, Number 2 (2023)

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Re-Regulating Dietary Supplements
Jessie L. Bekker, Alex Flores, and Michael S. Sinha