European Food Safety Authority, novel foods, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), food contact material, contaminants, organic farming, international trade, health claims labeling, additives, waste packaging, feta cheese, Werther's Original, trademarks, TRIPS Agreement, food supplements, milk products, alcholic drinks advertising, tobacco advertising, wine geographic names, French mustard, sale modalities, obesity

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The purpose of this update is to present the main events that have taken place each six months in the food law sector in the European Union (E.U.). This presentation will cover June through December 2004, but is not exhaustive. This update will not include detailed discussions of regulations, such as authorizations of new additives for animal feed or registrations of new geographic names. Instead it will concentrate on fundamental topics and focus on food, which excludes from our scope questions regarding the management of agricultural products (Common Agricultural Policy, or CAP). However, some questions which legally pertain to the CAP (such as specification or presentation of some agricultural products when they are delivered to the final consumer) will be addressed when it appears they are relevant for those who are involved in food law.