genetic engineering, agricultural practice, agro-biotech, global food production, food security, food safety, sustainability, chemicalization, global public health, bio-fortification, functional food, anti-obesity campaign, HarvestPlus

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Discourses on global public health crises, especially as they impact the less-developed world, focus mostly on the issue of access to life-saving drugs for needy populations. Also, they implicate the misalignment of global pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) agenda with the health needs of the poor. Equally attracting significant attention is the role of intellectual property in driving up the cost of drugs and exacerbating the drug access freeze to needy populations. More often, the conceptual strings of these discussions are woven around a complex interaction of themes, including those of globalization, the development narrative, and strategic changes in international lawmaking, especially in the areas of intellectual property, international trade, and the correlating supervisory international institutional and global governance regimes.