wine industry, alcohol industry, wine shipping, direct shipping, CARE Acts, H.R. 5034, H.R. 1161, legal history, interstate commerce, Twenty-first Amendment, Commerce Clause, constitutional argument, judicial argument, wine regulation, small businesses

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Due to Congress' recent agenda, oenophiles throughout the country are up in arms about the possible threat to their beloved wine. Wine lovers and other alcohol enthusiasts face the very real fear that access to their favorite products may soon be heavily restricted. This is in large part attributed to the fact that House Resolution 1161 would effectively change the ways in which states regulate alcohol shipment. The possible implications of this bill range from the forced shutdown of many wineries and distilleries due to lack of funding, to the smaller effects of regulation such as the inability of customers to order wine and other alcohol over the internet. This bill would also destroy the ability of many to join moneysaving wine clubs. H.R. 1161 and other similar legislation, often referred to collectively as direct shipping laws, effectively mandate discussion concerning the shipment of alcohol, the regulatory place of the states in the scheme of alcohol distribution, the impact on individual consumers, and the industry's perspective as a whole. Direct shipping laws affect more than those in the wine industry; rather, they impact the entire economy.