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Brown, Lucy

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Ryan, Jeffrey

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Bouchillon, Brandon

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Gruenewald, Jeff


This study employed a narrative intervention experiment aimed at challenging college students' acceptance of rape myths (RMA). Rape myths are erroneous beliefs that shift blame for sexual violence (SV) from perpetrators to victims and encompass stereotypical misconceptions about women. Three authentic narratives, shared anonymously on social media by college victims of sexual violence, were selected for their varying levels of graphic detail and situational context. The study's objective was not only to interrogate RMA among college students but also to discover which of the three narratives was most effective in reducing RMA among readers, utilizing the Transportation Theory as a theoretical framework. A total of 464 current undergraduate students were categorized into four subgroups based on gender and affiliation with Greek-letter organizations, both identified as independent variables predictive of students' general attitudes toward SV, RMA, and engagement with the narratives. The findings revealed, in contrast to the female subgroups, both male subgroups, Greek and Non-Greek, responded negatively to the narrative intervention experiment, exhibiting increased rape myth acceptance at the posttest stage. Furthermore, the narrative intervention experiment yielded positive results for both female subgroups, demonstrating decreases in RMA at the posttest. This study underscores the critical need for further exploration into how, and why, male students reacted negatively to the narrative intervention. It emphasizes the importance of implementing interventions to disrupt negative beliefs among male students before they solidify and to challenge them from acquiescing to destructive rape myths in the first place.


Sexual Violence, Victim Narratives, Greek-letter Organizations, Victimization, Storytelling


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