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January 2009


consumer bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, consumer chapter 7, bankruptcy, Arkansas, debt relief, debt, justice


With record levels of unemployment in Arkansas contributing to rising bankruptcy filings, the increased demand for bankruptcy representation should incentivize attorneys to consider developing a fundamental working knowledge of bankruptcy law. This article provides a resource guide for the assessment, preparation and filing of consumer chapter 7 (liquidation) individual and joint bankruptcies. The article’s scope includes: (1) an overview of bankruptcy; (2) background on debtor-creditor law generally; (3) relevant sources of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy law and procedure; (4) distinctions among the various types of consumer bankruptcy; (5) the steps in a typical chapter 7 case; (6) information on the official bankruptcy forms; and (7) references to helpful resources. As attorneys develop and improve their competency in consumer bankruptcy, the Arkansas bar's capability to provide access to justice for the poorest in our society will be enhanced.