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Bachelor of Science

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Mechanical Engineering


Huitink, David

Committee Member/Reader

Churchill, Hugh


The Churchill lab working within the Physics Department at the University of Arkansas is working to create important quantum states including weak topological insulators (TIs) through the use of symmetry engineering and topological electronic states in two-dimensional (2D) crystals of WHM materials. Experimental results of these topological states have been obstructed due to the difficulty to perform controlled in situ strain. This project strives to create a mount to utilize a piezoelectric nanopositioner within cryostats achieving an in situ strain that creates the quantum states the lab is looking to observe. This report also examines the necessary equations to determine the strain that is placed on the 2D crystals. The design and fabrication of the mount is completed with the main aspects of the design to be functional. However, there are concerns with the mount’s effectiveness within the cryostats. These concerns are addressed and further designs are fabricated to resolve the problems.


Symmetry, topological electronic states, topological semimetals, 2D crystals, cryostats, service learning