Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Zou, Min

Committee Member/Reader

Nutter, Darin


E-commerce has increased the necessity of effective material handling equipment in warehouses and distribution centers. Sorter conveyors systems facilitate material handling by providing a reliable and automated system to classify and distribute products in a gentle and rapid manner. With the steady increase of speed in sorter conveyors to satisfy today’s industry demand, some systems have started to produce high noise levels that could potentially affect workers’ health. Since decreasing the speed of these conveyors is not a viable option to decrease noise in sorter equipment, industries have opted to find other ways to apply noise control to their equipment. This thesis shows that using effective damping materials decreases the vibration transmission within the structure of a sliding shoe sorter conveyor and potentially decreases their high noise levels. In addition, an economic analysis is presented to compare the different materials used for this experiment.


conveyors, damping materials, sorting, vibration transmission