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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Hu, Han

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Song, Xiaoqing


Researchers within the University of Arkansas Electrical Engineering Research Department have embarked on a project aimed at enhancing the thermal performance of high-voltage power modules. To aid in the progress of this project, the design, and development of a thermal tester device are needed. The primary objective of this device is to determine the various thermal properties of high-voltage power modules that the electrical engineering department has developed. Additionally, the project aims to facilitate electrical loading tests on power modules and provide researchers with the means to calibrate the power module in terms of thermal load. This project also possesses long-term capabilities that extend beyond its initial objectives. These include the optimization of the thermal path of the power module and its components, as well as the development of improved heat dissipation designs. The research team also plans to conduct further experiments involving cooling devices attached to the system, with the goal of obtaining comprehensive cooling curve measurement data. My current design incorporates a metal heat dissipation block with attached equally spaced thermocouples. This setup allows for approximate heat dissipation measurements to be taken at different distances from the initial heat source. These measurements when paired with Fourier’s Law allow the operator to make conclusions on the thermal properties of different parts and components. In summary, this project involves assessing and optimizing the thermal performance of the power modules that have been produced by the electrical engineering department. The project aims to determine thermal properties, conduct thermal and electrical loading tests, and enable calibration of the power module in terms of thermal load. Future capabilities include further optimization, improved heat dissipation designs, and the acquisition of cooling curve measurement data.


Power Electronics, Heat Transfer, Mechanical Engineering