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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Hu, Han

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Huang, Adam


Acoustic emissions (AE) allow for non-intrusive sensing into many types of systems. In systems where there is flow of some type, AE is very useful as these types of systems can be characterized in many ways from the collisions or creation of the flow. Correctly setting up the AE system is extremely important. Failure to do so results in imprecision and inaccurate data being collected. Because of this synchronization techniques, sensor configurations, and data acquisition systems must all align. This can be done with off-the-shelf, commercial systems, but this does not allow for customization and the ability to tailor the sensing to the project. Because of this creation of an AE DAQ system was important. This allowed for the customization of a system that would still allow for usage with other systems and in different environments. The AE system is designed for usage in remote areas and for flow study in space and vehicle applications. Because of this movement away from lab-style setups was taken into consideration. To display the usefulness of AE and the different types of systems three different applications are explored: bubble detachment, turbulent diffusion, and moving bed sand.


Acoustic Emissions, Data Acquisition, Flow Characterization, Thermal, Bubbles