Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Jensen, David

Committee Member/Reader

Huang, Po-Hao Adam


Bio-inspired design has been used by many engineers to solve difficult problems or to make manufacturing processes more efficient. Biomimetics is the study of implementing the structure or function of biological substances, materials, mechanisms, and processes onto artificial ones that mimic the original. The goal of the BIASD tool is to provide bio-inspiration for engineers by studying the fault-adaptive strategies that biological systems use, rather than just their structure or function. In this thesis, the fault adaptive strategies of both a biological example and that of a real cubesat are compared using three types of model-based system diagrams to show that similarities between the two can be found at a deeper level. In future versions of the tool, computer readable diagrams like the ones in this paper could be used to automatically help an engineer find a biological fault-adaptive strategy that fits their circumstance.


Biological Inspiration, Fault-Adaptation, Adaptive Strategies, Model Based Systems Engineering