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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Huang, Adam

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Jensen, David


Researchers at the University of Arkansas developed ARKSAT-1, a cubic satellite with the purpose of employing an LED with a tracking system to perform spectroscopic measurements of the atmosphere.

The control board of the satellite contained several microcontrollers which worked in concert to collect and manage data. Discussed in this report are the software programs developed for the microcontrollers, dual Arduino MKRZeros, utilized as data repositories and for control of satellite peripherals. The programs discussed in this project include an original existing command-response protocol and an improved batch-command protocol, each with its accompanying data handling and storage system. These programs allow the boards to receive commands from the primary on-board computer, in order for these development boards to store data from satellite peripherals, collect data using visible and infrared cameras connected to the Arduinos, backup data between boards, and return data to be transmitted by the satellite’s radio. What will follow is a comparison of these two programs towards their effectiveness as protocols for the task of data storage, handling, and transmission. Both programs were successfully implemented on a prototype ARKSAT-1.


Communication Protocol, Data Handling, CubeSat, UART, ARKSAT