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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


West, Leon

Committee Member/Reader

Springer, William T.

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Albers, David G.


This paper describes the advantages, disadvantages, and complications that arise during the modeling, simulation, and analysis of tire models using MSC’s Adams/Car software. Due to the complexity of the testing, this paper was limited to a handful of tests. This included putting a template Formula SAE vehicle through simulations on a constant radius skidpad, performing a high stress longitudinal acceleration, a fish-hook maneuver, and a step-steer maneuver. These tests were analyzed and compared to current understandings of the model’s accuracy and validity. Of the six different models tested, the FTire model proved to be the best performing. The main Pacejka model (PAC2002) was found to be the second most effective. This contradicts current claims made by MSC that state PAC2002 is the foremost model.