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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering


Nair, Arun

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Nair, Arun

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Zou, Min


When looking at the nanoscale, material interface interactions have been observed to exhibit particularly interesting properties. Our research looks into various combinations of carbyne and graphene atop a nickel block to look into the interface friction properties between them. Both the carbyne and graphene are tested using steered molecular dynamics (SMD) in sheering and peeling directions along the surface of the nickel block. These tests are then analyzed by comparing the magnitude of the acting force versus the displacement of the carbon allotrope sample across the nickel block. It is found that as the width of a carbon allotrope sample is increased the force required to displace the sample in the shearing and peeling directions increases as well. Also, as the width of the carbon allotrope sample increases the sample stiffness tends to increase. The results of the peeling test cases with regard to stiffness are inconclusive.