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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Schubert, Karl


The purpose of this research is to emphasize the importance of growing investment on environmental initiatives in business ESG models in regard to sustainable practices in construction. The ESG acronym is known as the environmental, social, and governance efforts that businesses strive to incorporate in their models to increase the responsibility of operations.

Investors continue to seek out responsible businesses when choosing which ventures to pursue. The analysis of the current construction crisis, current investments in the right direction of Eco-friendly design regarding construction, and the threats and benefits incentivizing those investments elucidates the need to emphasize socially responsible investment behavior on “green” terms in the ESG model. Real world examples from businesses taking advantage of the benefits of building sustainably allow the reader to understand the growing popularity of the matter.

The different approach that each business has taken in regard to offsetting various wastes highlights that there are many avenues investors and corporations can take when approaching the challenge. The fear of money loss in initial adoption of new techniques is daunting, but in the long term the benefits of investing in green construction practices outweigh the costs. By gaining a better grasp on the crisis at stake, reinventing the wheel, and adoption of current sustainable measures, businesses and investors will see the need to emphasize socially responsible investment behavior on “green” terms in the ESG model. Going green is not an easy task to take on but time is of the essence to take advantage of the level of knowledge and technological advancements at hand.

In addition to the secondary research at hand, primary research was conducted to test the viability of various sustainable replacements in concrete mixtures. The research conducted contains various methods through customer discovery avenues as well as direct lab testing at the University of Arkansas Civil Engineering Research Center.


Corporate, Responsibility, CSR, ESG, Environment, Sustainability, Construction