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The Three Barn Farm is a rural wedding venue that offers a personal, intimate experience for those who appreciate the simple beauty of the American countryside. Our mission is to make our home your home on the best day of your life. The name “The Three Barn Farm” reflects the three beautiful fixtures on the land. The first barn is the one-hundred-year-old classic red barn. With recently refurbished wood to capture the barn’s original beauty for years to come, this barn serves as a Pinterest-worthy spot for bridal photos, a welcome area, and many other purposes. The second barn is the barndominium in which the Loechlers reside. This barn was built from scratch and now serves as a loving home, a comfortable bridal suite, a caterer-ready kitchen, and a picturesque, countryside view of the Missouri sunsets. The third barn is what will be purchased, upon receiving financing, to serve as the actual event venue for The Three Barn Farm. Weddings may be held inside the modern, rustic building, or upon the brick pathway in front of it. Nestled in nearly twenty acres of restored, Midwestern prairieland, The Three Barn Farm has plenty of picturesque areas to capture your favorite wedding day memories. Whether it is the hand-made benches by our scenic one-acre lake, the restored grain bin turned to a gazebo, or the fan-favorite vintage Ford pick-up truck circa 1955, everything around our venue has been crafted or refurbished with love by Miss Heidi herself. You are bound to fall in love all over again at The Three Barn Farm.


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