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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Harris, Flint


Business is the backbone of the United States of America. Often called The American Dream, citizens grow up with the idea that the possibilities are endless living in the land of opportunity. This dream also comes with the desire for a family, thus a good job is needed for financial support. It is often believed and proven that those that work hard can yield financial returns and benefit socially.

Generational differences trickle down to every aspect of life including the different trends and impacts each cohort has on business. Each generation has a different view of work and behaves differently as consumers. Baby Boomers view work as a fun adventure and as a consumer they prefer brick and mortar stores and expect high levels of customer service. In contrast, Generation X doesn’t find work as glamorous. While they may have the most buying potential, they are conservative and skeptical consumers. Finally, Millennials view work as a fulfilling experience, and their consumer behavior habits exhibit a value for mission, value, and e commerce. It’s no surprise that Gen Z enjoys shopping online, but due to their young age (thus absence from the workforce) and limited buying power, they are not relevant in this category.


Generational Studies, Millennials, Business, Corporate Social Responsibility