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Bachelor of Science in International Business

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Velliquette, Anne


According to recent trends, the global luxury market has grown due in part to a shift in young adult luxury consumers, including generations Y and Z, and millennials. Recognizing that consumer interest in luxury goods exists within this age range, new marketing strategies and insights are vital to encourage a lifetime of brand loyalty (Eastman, Shin, & Ruhland, 2020). With respect to brand loyalty, if a person were to have an exceptional experience while purchasing their first piece of fine jewelry at a store, then they would be more likely to remain a loyal customer at that same store as they approach their peak income-earning years. These generational and loyalty trends have relevance at the local scale as well.

Located in Rogers, Arkansas, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry store. Since 1987, the store has committed to offering value to its customers through the cultivation of strong business relationships worldwide. Recently, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry has run into a unique marketing challenge. Although the jewelry store has been able to accumulate many loyal clients over the years, it has been unable to attract young adults to shop there. The owners of Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry have requested the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas to find one or more honors students to develop ways to expand the young adult customer-base in its engagement ring department. In the long-run, the business wants to create long lasting relationships beyond the engagement ring shopping process, and become the top-of-mind jeweler for all consumers.

After observing the business’s operations and conducting various research methods, I have developed solutions that will help Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry effectively improve its marketing and advertising efforts towards younger generations (Duberley et al., 2017). I propose my ideas in the form of a creative brief and strategic pitch.


creative brief, Blakeman's Fine Jewelry, advertising, strategic pitch, luxury industry, engagement rings, jewelry, brand loyalty